New Job Posting

In search of a Church Musician
If you are interested please contact:

Trinity Missionary Baptist Church at or 719-635-8789

Or Michelle Reynolds @

Job Description

Musician must perform faithfully, industriously, and to the best of his ability, experience, and talents, all the duties that may be required by the terms of a contractual agreement, to the reasonable satisfaction of the Church, to include being prepared for all rehearsals, be on time for all; rehearsals, Church services and Church engagements, etc. Such duties shall be provided at such place(s) as the needs or opportunities of the Church may require from time to time.

The Musician is, during the term of this contract, a member ex officio of the Music Ministry. It is understood that meetings of the Music Ministry shall be held at times that are convenient to the members of the Music Ministry.

Working with the Choir President and Choir Deacon, the Musician shall provide the following services:

a. Playing music at all regular Sunday 8am and 11am morning services. Temporarily 10am only but is subject to change.
b. Be in place for start of all Church services and engagements 15 minutes prior to start.
c. Appropriate dress attire for Church services and engagements.
d. Playing music for Church services and congregational singing of the hymns.
e. Attending weekly choir rehearsals mutually acceptable to the Music Ministry.
f. Playing the music at Special Church services and engagements.
g.Knowledge of musical notes and the ability to teach parts.